Don’t Build Kingsnorth

Welcome to the website of Don’t Build Kingsnorth, a campaign to stop the construction of a new round of coal-fired power stations in the UK. We plan to use this site to host all manner of useful resources, so keep checking back for updates.

Why Kingsnorth?  
Kingsnorth is the first in a line of new coal-fired power stations which the government and energy companies are seeking to build in the UK. If built, these power stations will lock us into a future of fossil fuels and unstoppable climate chaos. For example, the new Kingsnorth plant alone would produce 8.1 million tonnes in annual CO2 emissions, exceeding those of the country of Ghana. But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can show them that they’ll have a battle on their hands. And if we are serious, we can win.
Although the process is still at the bidding stage, we don’t have to wait until the construction work has begun. In fact this planet can’t afford for us to. It is also likely to be more effective if we act now by focusing on the companies bidding to build the new power station.  

Why the builders?

  • Without their collaboration, there will be no Kingsnorth.
  • The contracts aren’t expected to be agreed before Christmas, according to one bidder.
  • Hitting them now gives them ample time to make an informed decision about whether they want to be involved in this unethical venture, rather than forcing them to break the contract at a later stage – at great cost to both their finances and reputation.
  • Many of these firms have work in other sectors, making it easier to dissuade them. By contrast, E.ON’s money is solely based on power generation.
  • It is easier and a more efficient use of our resources to focus on these firms now rather than waiting until they have made their decision and entrenched themselves.
  • While not as ‘glamorous’ as digger-diving or action against E.ON itself, targeting suppliers can be highly effective, as shown by successes in the animal rights movement. These have resulted in the closure of breeding facilities for lab animals, the abandonment of plans to build vivisection labs, and the severing of contracts between HLS and some to the world’s largest insurance firms and investment banks.

So who’s involved?
Six construction firms are known to be bidding for the contracts to build Kingsnorth.
They are:

  • BAM Nuttall
  • Laing O’Rourke
  • Balfour Beatty
  • A Costain/Hochtief joint venture
  • Kier Group
  • Morgan Est.

Why not pick your nearest and pay them a visit? They have offices all over the country, but keeping your attention on their Head Offices can be particularly effective. You don’t necessarily need many people for this – the key is to keep reminding them of how widespread the opposition to Kingsnorth is.

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